Styling Spotlight

by Jennifer Oertli

Styling Spotlight

Each month we choose an area to style, refresh, and accessorize, bringing you the latest ideas and inspo for your home


It’s spring here in Georgia with trees and flowers blooming and our brown Bermuda grasses beginning to relent to baby green sprouts. Look at this gorgeous hydrangea!

Even if winter has you in its clutches in your part of the country, you can still get ready for the warmer days ahead.

Today we’re switching up this master bedroom, shedding the winter greys and butterscotch tones for springy greens, bright whites, and lots of patterns.

    To start, we’re swapping the tan rope lamps with white faves from Target's Studio McGee line that were previously in the living room. It’s amazing how much a difference lighting makes, especially against these matte black nightstands. 

We didn’t buy new curtains but instead switched up the gold blackout ones with light, cotton IKEA drapes in this bold green, organic pattern, swapped out from the extra-room-turned-walk-in-closet.

Our gold-checked and boho throw pillows and crisp, cotton floral sheets don't match - by design! Different types of patterns add depth and dimension. 

Add a touch of citrus with this yummy mandarin orange room & linen spray for a calming scent and this brushed gold tray from our collection, perfect for bedside accessories like remotes and jewelry.

Have two nightstands? Use our resin wood box for small items like earrings and watches. We also changed out fall botanicals with eucalyptus greens and bright dahlias. 

With a colorful boho wall hanging and this round upcycled cotton and jute rug from our collection, you can complete this refreshed, affordable look too.

Remember to...

  • Swap out accessories from other rooms in your home to save money
  • Mix patterns to add depth - anything goes!
  • Use scents and botanicals to bring spring into your home and calm your mind at bedtime
  • Use trays and boxes to hold small items and keep them from getting lost

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